Weasel-Chicken Wings & it's a Trap!

Why wouldn't you want a breezy lake lake with tentacles? They've got water wings! Safety first!

Oh my god you can't roast Sofia Snurgletwurl Electoralissia! You... you monster! She makes the best water slides and keeps the child population down. Plus she was a vital part of Initiative 13. Initiative 13 has done wonders for the dreamscape. Sofia was the one who cleaned up the Great Weasel-chicken Dreamscape Fiasco just last year. You were very fond of the weasel-chicken wings.

I'm sorry, I was trying to get to the Rhino Chicken Wars, but I got lost and ended up in that escher-it's-a-basket-but-also-a-warehouse-made-of-angry-popsicles dream. We really need to do something about that. Not even Sofia will go there.

Thank you, and of course I've got your back against Hades and his stupid "Chess to the Death."

As concerns Paul Anka's Long Lost Sister: Of course she was disappointed, but don't you think maybe it was a trap? I kind of think it was a trap. I think we may need to plan for her eventual return. What if she aligns with Hades? Or the Vampires Who Sing, but so terribly off key that you end up drunk and unbalanced?

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