Vampire Riddles & Distracting Hades

Why would I want a breezy lake with a tentacle monster in it? No, I distinctly said ez-bake! It was to slowly roast the tentacle monster and feed it to the kids without telling them what they were eating. I thought that was understood! This whole misunderstanding never would have happened if you'd made it to our rhino chicken wars meeting in the first place.

And if I weren't off deathmatching Death, fighting in volcanoes, and chasing evil scientists, the whole dreamscape would be a whole lot worse off! You have your role--vampires under trains, architecture riddles, and turn based video game wars--and I have mine--Octopus wrestling on trains and riddles/mystery solving against the gods.

But! You're right. It's so easy to experience misunderstandings in the dreamscape, and I did try to shoot you that time you were a werewolf. I'm sorry I was rude. Next time you need help with the vamps I've got your back. So long as I can count on you to distract Hades next time he challenges me to "Chess to the death."

Sincerely Stultified;

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