Themself is with Us

The Evanescent Themself has accepted our terms. We had a good bit of leverage once we revealed that the Corvids had infiltrated Their entourage. Having so many Susurrations on our side will come in handy when we finally take the Sea of Sighs and Withered Wallabies. I say we capture the Quantity of Quilting Quorus and interrogate them about the Third Dynasties of Adams/Eves and Other Overblown Origin Mythologies. Then we'll know for sure what the Council of Inane Godhood and the Corrupt Continuum of Cannibalistic Corvids want.

I'm sending Sofia Snurgletwurl Electoralissia to the Sea of Sighs and Withered Wallabies to convince the Radical of Undersea Monstrosities to support us or, at the very least, remain neutral while we sort everything out.


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