The Great Cabbage Wars Continue!

Well, if you'd made it to the Rhino Chicken Wars I wouldn't have had to face down the Corrupt Continuum of Cannibalistic Corvids on my own, and they wouldn't have overruled my objections to the plan. We lost by one vote, G. One vote! And Sofia Snurgletwurl Electoralissia would have been safe. Now there's a bounty out on both of us because we failed to roast her.

It will be alright, though. I have everything in place to form an alliance with the Snowbound Society of Species Science, who bear a grudge against the Corvids for their betrayal of the principles of the dreamscape. For Science & Cremation! No Survivors! is not to be taken lightly. Now that Initiative 13 is complete the Council of Inane Godhood seeks to fill the power vacuum with a Malicious Malus Moratorium mandate. Do you know how many angry apples we are going to have to deal with if the Council prohibits their production? They don't even have grounds!

Also, Mariam (or Paul Anka's sister) takes exception to the aspersions cast upon her character. I'm with you, I'm sure it was a trap, but we can take her and any allies she has amassed. She is sure to be fortifying her location, and we may have missed our window, so I suggest we consolidate our own resources, assess our supplies, and strengthen our alliances. The great cabbage wars continue!

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