Hammers & a Breezy Lake

Well, the hammers were there. Either the wall fell on them or the children got them.

I blame the children.

I'd be happy to apologize to your dream-self, if she wasn't impossible to get a hold of; seeing as how she's always off deathmatching Death, fighting in volcanoes, leaping across mountains chasing evil scientists and whatnot. Also my dream-self did show up that one time, but I was a werewolf and you tried to shoot me. Rude!

Ez-bake? I thought you said breezy lake, which was right there behind the wall, and thus clearly visible once it fell down. I am not to blame for your dream-self's lack of pronunciation, and if you don't include the weird tentacle monster with those floaty arm bands on all the tentacles it was a perfectly lovely lake.

I confess I'm not sure about the stringy code either, but I simply refuse to chase after Paul Anka's long lost sister for her vocal chords. I don't think that was a reasonable request. She could be anywhere in the dreamscape, and I already have my hands full fighting vampires underneath trains and getting stuck in turn-based video game dreams. That shit takes forever.

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