Corvids VS Equestrians

Ok, ok, now, I don’t recall you getting out of the escher-it's-a-basket-but-also-a-warehouse-made-of-angry-popsicles-scape without help that one time. Everyone gets lost in there.

I’m hardly afraid of one bounty by the Corrupt Continuum of Cannibalistic Corvids. It’s not like it’s the first bounty I’ve had to face down. Or even the 15th. I recently converted one of the Corrupt Continuum’s members to our cause. They signed the pact in the Autumn Plains of Whiskers and Potholes. You know how serious a commitment that is. Our agent will work to undermine the Malicious Moratorium’s mandate. It won’t stop the Council of Inane Godhood in its tracks, but it should stall them long enough to up apple production.

Plus, I managed to come to an agreement with the Marvelous Machinationists Mud Moose tribe in the Seriously Svelte Swamp of Susurrations. I think between them and the Snowbound Society of Species Science we have numbers, we have trickery, and more susurrations than you can shake a pangolin at.

By the way, we’ve got a meeting with the Exuberantly Effluvious Sovereign of Equestrian Evanescence Themself tomorrow night at the Castle of Lost Chords and Socks. I feel strongly that we can come to an agreement with Them. That secures the Fire Tree Forest border.

Truly the great cabin cabbage wars will go down in history for longest, most cabbage-y war in history.

Yours in science and cremation,

No Survivors!

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