What more do you need?

Anyone who reads feels a kinship with books. They are more than paper and ink, they are windows into other minds, doors into other worlds, and personal friends who teach and support us without judgement.

I prefer real books to reading on devices for a few reasons. Some of it is the tactile feedback of turning a page; there is little more satisfying than placing your finger over a word to hold your place because the last sentence made you gasp with laughter. Or half closing the book and stroking the cover with sympathy because we've just experienced a tragedy together.

More than those delights, I love seeing other people read books. I crane my head around and bend my neck into awkward angles just to get a glimpse of the cover. If they notice, they might lift the book a little so I can see. It may spark a conversation, or we may only nod; for true book lovers the words on the page are more important than any words we might say, and interruptions are vexatious, to say the least. If I am unfamiliar with the title, I may file it away for future reference. If it's a book I've read, I smile knowingly, perhaps even comment aloud to the nearest unsuspecting bystander.

There's nothing wrong with reading on a device, but it prevents me from snooping.

The joy of books is that they give use something to look forward to when life cannot accommodate our daily quota. A doctor's office is an inherently joyless place; it would be insensitive and improper for those professionals to try to liven up the joint with karaoke or even some incense. As a connoisseur of wonder, I have made it my mission to seek out the curious, the hopeful, the whimsical, but I have learned that sometimes you need to bring it with you. A book is portable wonder that fits in your backpack or handbag.

It is my opinion that everyone could use a dose of extra joy or whimsy in their lives. To that end, I have list of wonderful books. I will share it in this blog over time, and my hope is that it will spread delight, wonder, and hope to those who need it.

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