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Hatter King is a writer, editor, and wanderer. She is a connoisseur of curiosities and a curator of the fantastic.

Hatter has wandered far in search of whimsy & wonder. When these are nowhere to be found she creates them herself. 


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I picked up Rousey's autobiography out of mild curiosity. We seemed to have a lot in common: We're the same age, we both have MMA training, we've both been in the movie industry. She was in the Olympics, I watched the Olympics, she's a UFC champion, I could totally be a UFC champion... if I wanted to be. what makes her different from me? Mostly, an extreme ability to persevere in the face of radical odds, and a masochists willingness to both take and dish out punishment. 

It might seem like no great leap to go from Olympic medalist to UFC champion, but Ronda Rousey's story is anything but straightforward. My Fight/Your Fight is unapologetic in its confidence, and forceful in its encouragement. After reading this book, whenever I train I imagine Ronda Rousey shouting things like, "You have to be the best on your worst day!" and "Focus on the process, not the result! The process is sacrifice! The process is pain! Love the pain!" 

It was a bit repetitive, but it got the point across. And it reminded me that sometimes we have to learn a lesson more than once before it sticks.