Who is Miranda Leavitt?

Dancing and Writing have been my twin passions since I was a teenager, and I have been surprised by the places both passions have taken me. 


I love to see clients succeed. Whatever success looks like for you, whether it means self-publishing on Kindle or selling a script to Disney. Whether teaching dance, or editing pages, I focus on support, respect, and growth focused critique. My goal is always to help clients recognize their own gifts and talents, build their confidence, and face their creative future with hope and passion. 

I am a freelance writer, editor, and dance instructor who prefers to remain essentially anonymous. I love answering the question "what do you do for a living" and giving a different answer every time. I travel as often as I can, and look for wonder and whimsy everywhere I go. 

I created Hatter King as a nom de plume, which became problematic when I started editing as well as writing, and I had to explain to clients that my name isn't actually Hatter. By then, Hatter King had evolved her own personality, with a whole world and supporting cast of characters, and I no longer had any control of the situation. 


Who is Hatter King?


Hatter accidentally became the king of the earth when Merlin (yes, THE Merlin) decided it was time to retire. It's not her fault; she had no idea that befriending a grumpy old man would mean inheriting an essentially useless title. Rest assured, you don't owe her your allegiance, and she won't try to build any walls. 

Other than the empty title, her life is essentially normal. She travels without a camera, writes morbid serial stories, hikes through the darkest part of every forest, and befriends stray cats. 

Her alter-ego, Miranda, is a lot less interesting. 

About the Regulus Irregular


The Regulus Irregular is a newsletter of mystical origins and fonts. It appears when it wants, where it wants, and to whom it wants. Subscribers will receive monthly, weekly, bi-yearly, thrice daily, or maybe septennial editions of said newsletter. 

The Whimsical: 

Contained herein are the chronicles of Hatter King, king of earth in both name and title. These are her adventures as a traveler, a writer,  and a curator of whimsy and wonder.


There will be magic, murder, mayhem, adventure, and probably limericks! 

And the Writerly:

Writers face criticism and discouragement from every side. No matter how supportive your family or friends might be, no matter how long you've been writing, people everywhere are just full of opinions. 

The Regulus Irregular will have editing and writing insights from Hatter, and various guest writers.