Content Editor

Also known as story or developmental editing, you can hire a content editor at any time during your writing process. Maybe you need help with the structure of your story, your characters feel a little flat, or your plot just feels stuck. There's no need to struggle through alone. 

Dance Instructor

Every day you face hardship and tough decisions, it's time to do something to bring a little joy into your life. Maybe you think there's so much going on, there's no way you can make dance a priority, too. But dance is a wonderful way to make new friendships through group classes or social events, strengthen relationships with loved ones by learning new skills together, overcome stage fright, and learn to listen to your body. 

Fancy Dance Shoes

Writer &Dancer

Don't fear the creativity within you, it is your power. Whether you use it to solve chemical formulas, tell a story, or win a race; your creativity is a battery that will power genius in every aspect of your life. 


Kelly Tatham

Since the day we met in writing class nearly ten years ago, Miranda has been an indispensable presence in my artistic career. She is one of the first people I go to for feedback and her critiques are always sharp, insightful, and motivating. We had the good luck of attending screenwriting school at the same time and it was my pleasure to witness firsthand her brilliant ability for plot, character, theme, and narrative arcs. There is no story editor I would recommend more highly. With Miranda, you are in expert, discerning, and gentle hands.

Gal Ferrier


I found Miranda’s critiques of my work to be immensely helpful. Her advice and criticisms are always fair, honest and constructive. She has a well-honed ability to narrow in on problem spots and I greatly appreciate her ability to give clarity and insight when I was struggling to identify where exactly the problem in my work was. Any story she has edited for me came away the better for it.

Emily Paxman

Novelist & Blogger

Miranda is someone you can depend on for honest, thoughtful critique that takes both the concerns of the market and the story itself into consideration. My work has always come away stronger after an edit with Miranda, and my confidence built up to take the story to the next level. You won't regret hiring this wonderful editor!


Miranda Leavitt has ten years combined education and experience as a story editor and writer, combined with fifteen years experience as a dancer.


She graduated from the writing for film and television program at Vancouver Film School, which renewed her passion for the visual arts. She is also a graduate of creative writing, poetry, and film studies at Camosun College.


Miranda now works for CD Dance Collective as a Latin, Ballroom, and Swing dance instructor. 

Who is Hatter King?


Miranda created Hatter King as a pseudonym. After many years of writing King evolved into a completely different persona, with a whole world and cast of supporting characters. Most of her writing can be found under the name Hatter King. 

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The Coldest Girl in Cold Town, by Holly Black, is written in a third person POV so tight that in an argument with a friend I insisted (before looking it up) that it was written in first person. 

Well worth the read, CGCT is a teen vampire novel that feeds off the best tropes (see what I did there?) and ignores the stupid ones. The heroin's love interest is appropriately dark and vengeful, but her path is independent and clearly motivated by a strength of conviction that in no way depends on being loved. 

She saves people because it's the right thing to do, and deals with the consequences later. And that's a morality I can respect. 

Creativity & Entertainment

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